Tiger print Cake band Ribbon Side Stripes Edible Icing or Wafer


Item specifics

Choice between Wafer Paper or Icing Sheets
Wafer Paper - Is Strong and ultra thin making it suitable for all kinds of baking.
Icing Paper - Icing sheets is a thin sheet of icing compressed onto flexible plastic, It has a better print quality making it ideal for high quality photographs and images. Icing sheets blend into the Iced surface of the Cake/Cupcake giving the Cake/Cupcake a more professional look.  
Icing sheets and Wafer paper come uncut you can cut the icings sheets using a craft knife, wafer paper you can cut using a craft knife or scissors.  
Please note with different screen resolutions and printing process colours may vary slightly 
If a personal message is required please check spelling before sending the message. 
We can change the size of the topper to suit, change it into cupcake toppers or If you have a personal design or requirement please don't hesitate to message us and we will see if we can help!

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