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Guide to Cutting Devices for Edible Printed Icing Sheets and Wafer Paper

In the realm of cake and cookie decorating, using edible printed icing sheets and wafer paper can bring your creations to life with intricate, personalized designs. The key to perfect decoration lies in how you cut these materials. Here’s an in-depth look at various tools—from electronic cutters to manual cookie cutters—that can help you achieve precise and clean cuts.

Understanding the Cutting Tools

1. Cricut Maker

Description: The Cricut Maker is a highly versatile electronic cutting machine that is capable of handling a variety of materials from fabric to leather, and importantly for bakers, edible icing sheets and wafer paper. It utilizes a small blade to make precise cuts according to designs you can create or download in the Cricut Design Space software. Icing sheets have a plastic backing which means there is no need to use the cutting mat, just feed the sheet through the machine.

Where to Buy: Cricut Cutter on Amazon UK

2. Silhouette Cameo

Description: This electronic cutter is known for its precision in cutting a variety of materials, including edible sheets. It operates with Silhouette Studio software, allowing for custom designs. Icing sheets have a removable plastic backing which means there is no need to use the cutting mat, just feed the sheet through the machine.

Where to Buy: Silhouette Cameo on Amazon UK

Conclusion: Both the Circuit and Silhouette cutting machines are fantastic pieces of kit and whist they can cut very integrate shapes they are quite expensive and unless you are cutting a lot of icing and wafer sheets it may be difficult to justify the cost.

3. Fiskars Non-stick Scissors

Description: Ideal for manual cutting, these scissors have a non-stick coating to prevent residue build-up, making them perfect for cutting sticky edible sheets.

Where to Buy: Fiskars Non-stick Scissors on Amazon UK

4. Cookie Cutters

Description: Standard cookie cutters can be used to cut shapes from icing sheets and wafer paper. They are ideal for creating uniform shapes like circles, stars, and hearts. Our video  demonstrates “How to cut cupcake icing sheet with cookie cutter” demonstrates a simple but effective way of cutting icing sheets with a cookie cutter. Now its not Spielberg standard but it gets the message across . 

Where to Buy: Cookie cutters are widely available in baking supplies stores or on Amazon UK cookie cutters

5. Craft Adjustable Circle Cutters

Description: These are designed specifically for cutting perfect circles and are very useful for projects requiring precise circular cuts. That said, I found it difficult to get it centralised when trying to cut round a pre-printed design.

Where to Buy: Look for craft circle cutters in craft supply stores or online marketplaces like Amazon UK craft adjustable circle cutters.

6. Craft Paper Punches

Paper craft punches can also be very effective when used with edible materials like printed icing sheets and wafer paper, extending their utility beyond traditional paper crafting. Craft punches allow for consistent and uniform decorations, ideal for creating repeating patterns or designs on cakes, cupcakes, and other confections. The craft punch cuts through wafer paper and wafer card with ease. However when cutting an icing sheet you must remove the plastic back from the icing sheet. Once this is removed the cutter will cut the icing sheet with no difficulty leaving a perfect shape.

Where to Buy: Look for craft circle cutters in craft supply stores or online marketplaces like Amazon UK Paper Craft Punches

Best Practices for Cutting Edible Sheets

Material Handling: Always ensure your icing sheets and wafer paper are in good condition—flexible but not too moist.

Testing: Before committing to cutting your actual design, perform test cuts to adjust settings or blade sharpness as needed.

Maintenance: Keep your cutting tools clean and in good condition. For electronic cutters, replace blades regularly; for scissors and manual cutters, clean after use to prevent build-up.


Whether you’re creating edible art for a special occasion or just for fun, the right cutting tools can make a significant difference. From precision electronic cutters like the Cricut Cutter and Silhouette Cameo to simple cookie cutters and specialized craft circle cutters, choosing the right tool will depend on your project’s needs. By understanding how to use these tools effectively, you’ll ensure your edible decorations are always a cut above the rest. Happy decorating!