Posted on by Brian Morrison

Cake Cheat

We have all been there (well I certainly have) one of the kids or in my case grandkids needs a cake for school and they ask you that day.  You have your day already planned out, well maybe not plan out but its filled in the normal chaotic way. What do you do, reschedule some jobs, let the grandkids down or nip to the shop and buy a cake and pimp it up.  I know what I chose buy a cake and I dressed it up and the kids loved it. 

This got me thinking that there are lightly to loads of people in the same position not necessarily just down to the time factor but not great a baking or just could not be annoyed with going to all that trouble.  Well the answer  is still the same buy your shop bought cake, and put a personalised printed edible cake topper on it and it will look great and its personalised. 

It has to be one of the simplest  way of pimping a cake, so the next time you have a birthday get one of our own image or themed cake topper and turn that shop bought cake into a birthday cake to remember.  To assist you with this transformation we have made a short video    which should help you see just how easy it is to apply a personalised cake topper and change that cake from a shop bought cake to one that the kids will remember.